A Human Resources professional for when the need is there and only what you need.  HRFE Consulting lowers the risk and cost of HR services.  When your business needs part-time consulting services for the inevitable employee issues, we develop the strategic solutions that will allow your business to reach the next level.

HRFE Consulting forms a partnership with your business, so you can focus on the business of growing your business.  Clients do not always require an in-depth strategic solution but on the days you do my thirty (30) years experience is ready to assist your business.  You need a friend in the HR arena, an experienced resource that is ready to help you manage your workforce.  Let HRFE Consulting help you and your business.

Are your HR records complete or one “knock on the door” away from a fine or penalty?  A Human Resource Audit ensures that complicated employment laws and regulations are being followed.  HR record keeping requirements are some of the most complex laws and regulations in business.  Non-compliance creates an unacceptable risk to your growing business.  Logical business practices may not comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations such as:

  1. Salaried Exempt Positions
  2. Independent Contractor
  3. Overtime, Meal Breaks
  4. Compensation and Benefits
  5. Safety and Health (OSHA Logs)
  6. Security (Crime Prevention)
  7. Recruiting and Retention
  8. Discipline and Termination
  9. Policy and Procedure

These issues and more present a liability exposure that may be enormous and can destroy a business.

HRFE Consulting